About SPIX industry company

About SPIX industry

SPIX industry develops voice solutions and intelligent conversational agents for Industry 4.0. An innovative company, committed to the operational implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. SPIX industry is the leader in its market, focused on the improvement of the industrial performance in Europe.

Today, the question is no longer whether voice and intelligent assistance can revolutionize your industry, but HOW to integrate it into your production or maintenance processes.

Since its creation in 2013, SPIX industry has led a significant R&D effort to develop operational voice solutions. The company provide tools adapted to the production , inspection , quality control or maintenance professions. These developments are carried out in partnership with end users . The workers in maintenance, metrology, quality control get replies to their expectations.

Voice Experience enables SPIX industry to cover 100% of the questions raised by the deployment of voice interfaces and voice assistant functions on the shopfloor of the industry. Through Voice Experience, the concerns and expectations of the workers are considered as entry point to the setup of the SPIX Voice Assistant. In the same way, the industrial gets a clear statement on the expected performance of the SPIX voice assistant, as function of the working environment.

A short history

In March 2013, Leny TURMEL (Research and Development Director), André JOLY (General Manager) and Philippe CRESPIN (President) created the SPIX industry software publisher. The goal is to develop the use of voice and intelligent conversational agents (Intelligent Vocal Assistant ), 100% at the service of industry 4.0 technicians.

This voice assistant is called Spix , it finds its operational application for industry operators in the integration of Spix.SKILLS in the software and business applications of industrial customers such as SAP, APRISO, IBM Maximo, and many others . A tailor-made program for the introduction of voice into the company provides a framework for the introduction of this type of innovation at the service of technicians in industry.

Today, SPIX industry brings together a team of experts in software development, natural language dialogue, ergonomics, design and project management to transform the test (we are from Toulouse!) in France and in Europe.

The management team

Philippe CRESPIN


André JOLY





Since 2013, SPIX industry has had the pleasure and honor of receiving innovation awards and accolades.

These awards are important for the development of the company: they are the recognition of the community of innovation, digitalization and artificial intelligence in France and in Europe.

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