About Voice Experience with SPIX Voice Assistant

SPIX Voice Assistant : interact with your software by voice

The SPIX Voice Assistant is made of 3 major components, that customers may access through Voice Experience.

  • SPIX Dialoger: Embedded software library for conversational agent and dialog activities management, including NLU, NLP and NLG, used to create natural voice user experience with business software and complex systems.
  • Library of SPIX SKILLS necessary to perform business tasks by voice and interfaced with shop floor business applications through an API. The SPIX SKILLS are used to assemble Smart Voice Assistant interfaces for business software from the industry.
  • Custom Build from an API to ease the integration of the SKILLS with third party business software. The API takes the SKILLS as-is and enables to control key parameters of the dialog functions.

Introduction to SPIX Voice Assistant

Dialog activities and intention management software to create
custom voice interactions.
Library of voice services, business objectives oriented, with dialog activities and voice recognition capacities.
Custom integration of voice interactions with existing business software, using validated tools and methods.

At the forefront of the Voice Experience relies on SPIX, representing our proficiency in creating voice assistants customized for your shop floor or industry. Our collaborations span a diverse range of sectors including Energy & Oil, Automotive Transport & Aerospace, Military & Defense, as well as Construction & Manufacturing.

SPIX Dialoger: the voicebot ready for the industry

SPIX DIaloger is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant 100% dedicated to industry technicians. SPIX Dialoger is a virtual assistant or conversational agent that is capable of providing business services to industry professionals.

business service is an assistance service to the technician on a particular activity that he must carry out to carry out his task. This can be a simple activity such as access to a stopwatch, a measurement unit conversion, or a complex activity such as reporting a field report or piloting a complex human-machine system.

For a technician or an industrial field operator, a business service is something understandable even if it encapsulates advanced technologies for natural language understanding, knowledge management or configuration of human-machines dialogue activities.

A business service integrates with your existing production, maintenance management application, or complex system. It feeds on data present in your application (incoming context) and outputs data to your application (outgoing context).

Traditional industrial software interfaces or human-machine systems are designed to be used with a mouse or keyboard. Those that have been carried on tablet or smartphone type media have sometimes been adapted to the use of touch mode or virtual keyboards.

On the other hand, no industrial software interface of the ERP, MES, CMMS or FSM type or human-machine systems have been adapted for voice use or use assisted by a conversational agent!

SPIX industry is betting on the co-development of next-generation industrial software and systems adapted to the needs and uses of industry employees, which natively integrate the use of voice and a conversational agent. The components of the SPIX Dialoger virtual assistant for industry are used to develop new versions of industrial software and systems.

The SPIX SKILLS library

The Spix.SKILLS Intelligent Voice Assistance interface in your business software allows you to extend their field of use.

Your technicians and operators are no longer constrained by a screen, a mouse, or a keyboard to use their software. They can be 2 or 3 meters away, or far from the computer support and yet interact with their work instruction, their work order, etc.

Free the hands of your operators, and optimize the profitability of your digital investments!

SPIX SKILL is an interactive voice program that allows you to establish a dialogue between a user and your business applications in a technical area. A Spix.SKILL allows you to add an intelligent voice interface to your industrial software. A SKILL therefore represents a unitary Voice Assistance function offered by SPIX Dialoger.

In order to allow its integration into your business applications, a SPIX.SKILL is characterized by:
– A data exchange format with your applications,
– A capacity for voice recognition and synthesis,
– A business domain characterized by: a lexicon, a business knowledge base, and a set of dialogue activities,
– Any dependencies on other SKILLS,
– An integration API with your business software,
– As an option and on specification, a specific HMI complementary to your software.

SPIX’s voice and Voice Assistance services (unitary SKILLS), are classified according to their category of activity:

  • Work instructions services : Voice Assistance services linked to your operators’ work instructions. These SKILLS are integrated into your applications to allow your operators to ask for an explanation of an instruction, navigate through tasks, get associated documents, and follow work steps.
  • Input Data services : Voice Assistance services dedicated to help workers to input data in their business software by voice, keeping their hands and eyes free at work. This SKILLS are also used to complete forms, and generate reports.
  • Utility services : voice services designed to simplify the life of your operators. Utility SKILLS offer simple calculator functions, such as unit conversion.

Custom build integration with business software

The SPIX Voice Assistant and the related SKILLS are designed to by integrated with custom business software. Interface and integration means are proposed by SPIX industry, already tested and validated, with custom or off-the-shelf solutions.

Voice Experience makes it sure to succeed in the process of generation of voice assistance services for your business software, by considering the users’ expectations and the anticipated performances of the system as input data.