The Spix chatbot improves Vallourec’s quality control

Vallourec use case

Vallourec is a manufacturer of seamless steel tubes and specific tubular solutions intended primarily for the energy markets, but also for the industrial sector. Vallourec has integrated production units in more than twenty countries.


Quality control is a critical step in the manufacture of Vallourec seamless steel tubes. This operation is manual and requires precision and concentration, both on the measurement part and on their transcription.

Vallourec has made a major effort to digitize its quality control stations with the development of a Digital Log Sheet which allows the operator to record the measurements and observations he makes directly on a digital medium.

Nevertheless, the use of a digital means is not simple for the operators in their work context. This operation takes time and forces the technician to divert his attention from his control point.

The challenge proposed by Vallourec to SPIX industry consists of introducing voice assistance services to the quality control workstation.


Voice commands for acknowledgment, reading of digital measurements and feedback from the “Instruction” category have been integrated into the Vallourec Digital Log Sheet application. This integration allows Vallourec to keep control of its quality control ranges and its DLS application which can manage voice assistance services for the operator.

The challenges related to the very noisy environment of the factory, the mobility of the operator in his workstation and the speed of response required, were met by a team integrated between Vallourec and SPIX industry.


The Digital Log Sheet augmented by voice assistance services is now deployed on several workstations in France, Mexico, the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The operators are won over by the simplicity and reliability of the voice assistance offered, and by the comfort provided by the complete DLS+voice solution: it is now a real working tool for them.

The manufacturer can trace the data recorded by the quality control in real time, can have reliable and structured data for its production quality analyses.

Time saving Quality Improvement Security of operations Operator comfort Better field data collection








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