Spix: Industry-Ready Chatbot Technology


The industry’s smart chatbot

Spix is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant 100% dedicated to industry technicians.

Ask him to help you, he will help you.

  • Spix is still available.
  • The Spix chatbot helps keep me safe.
  • Spix knows my job well.
  • The Spix virtual assistant knows how to solve my problems.
  • For my business domain Spix understands what I’m asking.
  • With the know-how of my company Spix is a great teacher.

Combined with voice recognition and voice synthesis, Spix can be used to form an Intelligent Voice Assistant.

Spix can be integrated into third-party software to augment its user interface capabilities.

What is a Virtual Assistant for Industry

Spix is a virtual assistant or chat agent that is capable of providing business services to industry professionals.

A business service is an assistance service to the technician on a particular activity that he must carry out to carry out his task. This can be a simple activity such as access to a stopwatch, a measurement unit conversion or a complex activity such as reporting a field report.

For a technician or an industrial field operator, a business service is something understandable even if it encapsulates advanced technologies for natural language understanding, knowledge management or configuration of Human Dialogue activities. -Machine.

A business service integrates with your existing production or maintenance management application. It feeds on data present in your application (incoming context) and outputs data to your application (outgoing context).

Co-develop software with Spix

Traditional industrial software interfaces are designed to be used with a mouse or keyboard. Those that have been carried on tablet or smartphone type media have sometimes been adapted to the use of touch mode or virtual keyboards.

On the other hand, no industrial software interface of the ERP, MES, CMMS or FSM type has been adapted for voice use or use assisted by a conversational agent!

With Spix, SPIX industry is betting on the co-development of next-generation industrial software, adapted to the needs and uses of industry employees, which natively integrate the use of voice and a conversational agent. The components of a virtual assistant for industry are used to develop new versions of industrial software.

Key Components of a Voice Assistant for Industry

SPIX industry masters all the elements necessary for the implementation of Intelligent Voice Assistance solutions for your technicians.

Voice Recognition (ASR) capabilities

Language Processing (NLU/NLP)



Industrial linguistic resources

Personalized wake-up word


Noise level and constraints

Integration of existing tools



Natural conversation

Supports complex expressions and sentences

The Spix Intelligent Voice Assistant allows technicians to speak in natural language to trigger several actions or pick up a set of information as if they were speaking to their co-worker.

Robustness to the working environment

From factory noise to the accent of your technicians

Spix and its associated audio devices have been developed to withstand the constraints of your work environment: noise, humidity, heat, dust, mandatory PPE, prohibited frequency bands, etc.

Understanding your business

Integrates your business terms, synonyms, content of procedures, operating modes and work instructions

Spix allows technicians to use all the words and phrases used in their trade. It feeds on the work instructions and all the associated technical documentation.

Contextual intelligence

Interprets the words spoken by the operator according to the context

Spix understands a technician’s voice requests depending on the work context, machine status, system data or tasks already performed and those to be performed.