Frequently asked questions about voice, artificial intelligence and the industry2022-02-11T10:36:28+00:00

Frequently asked questions about voice, artificial intelligence and the industry

Why SIMSOFT INDUSTRY becomes SPIX industry?2022-02-11T17:21:25+00:00

Frequently asked questions about voice, artificial intelligence and the industry


SPIX industry

Why change the name?

SIMSOFT INDUSTRY becomes SPIX industry to better represent the company’s mission. Indeed, the company is working on the introduction of voice interfaces ( talk – speak ) associated with an intelligent conversational agent ( SPIX the name of the company’s product ) for the improvement of industrial competitiveness (industry) . All the elements come together to form SPIX industry !

A French flag?

SPIX industry is a company based in France near Toulouse, which develops and markets its software solutions from this beautiful country. Competitors in this field are mainly American or Chinese. The company therefore wishes to demonstrate its French and European origins.

What is the company slogan?

The industry has found its voice!

This is why SPIX industry also promotes voiceAI industry : news on the use of voice in industry in France and Europe.

Why is it complicated to use a voice domain SDK?2022-02-11T17:19:41+00:00

Frequently asked questions about voice, artificial intelligence and the industry


A very extensive SDK offer

With the craze for voice-driven applications, many software vendors are offering SDKs (Software Development Kits) or even VDKs (Voice Development Kits). These APIs are for the most part of very good quality and can provide many services.

Nevertheless, the implementation of a voice interface-based solution deployed in your industry does not rely solely on IT resources… This is the reason why customers of this type of API are often frustrated by the result. got.

A necessary expertise

At SPIX industry , we have chosen not to distribute an SDK ( Spix Development Kit ), but rather to offer business level services (SKILLS) that can be configured and integrated directly into your existing applications.

In addition to our SKILLS, we bring to our customers:

  • Linguistic skills necessary when creating ontology as input for certain “advanced” SKILLS.
  • Standardized protocols to communicate your business application and our Voice Assistance services.
  • Expertise on the audio equipment to be used to successfully introduce voice to workstations.
  • A user-centric approach to dialogue with your upstream methods offices and your field operators.

As long as the voice capability is not involved from the beginning of the design of new software products, there will be a need for expertise in addition to the IT tools available to ensure the success of the digital transformation accompanied by voice assistance.

I was a Snips customer for in-vehicle voice recognition, what do I do?2022-02-11T17:18:31+00:00

Frequently asked questions about voice, artificial intelligence and the industry

I was a Snips customer: what do I do?

The Snips Adventure

Snips was a very nice French start-up that developed a voice recognition solution based on the principles of frugality and confidentiality. Its technical and commercial development led it to extend its fields of action to industrial customers.

The company was acquired in 2010 by Sonos to focus on domestic uses of voice commands with a low digital footprint. As a result, existing industrial customers no longer have the necessary visibility for the developments undertaken with this partner.

What do we do now ?

The SPIX industry company has developed its conversational agent Spix in parallel with the voice recognition solution of Snips, on similar approaches: small digital footprint, frugality of calculation, confidentiality of manipulated data, no network access, … This allows us to successfully resume topics dropped by Snips. Some have already done it!

Our chatbot-based approach goes a step beyond voice recognition and delivers a true voice experience to users. On the other hand, SPIX industry remains so far focused on the industrial market, and therefore has no intention of going into the consumer or entertainment market.

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