Voice solutions for industry: energy, nuclear, automotive, aeronautics, defense

Tell me what is your industry?

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The industrial challenges for the introduction of voice and intelligent assistance match the expected benefits.

Nevertheless, for each industrial sector, a voice solution can be implemented. SPIX industry has unique experience in the creation and deployment of operational voice solutions in different sectors of industry.

  • Production and quality control in the automotive field.
  • Maintenance, inventory, inspection for the nuclear and energy industry.
  • Site monitoring, defect records, consignment/deconsignment for construction.
  • Intelligent voice functions for picking in industrial logistics.
  • Laboratory notebook, and traceability for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • Quality control for aeronautic manufacturers.
  • Intelligent assistance for the field of defense.

How do you define a good use case for voice?

Spix’s voice and Voice Assistance services (unitary SKILLS) are classified according to their category of activity:

  • Work instructions : Voice Assistance services linked to your operators’ work instructions. These SKILLS are integrated into your applications to allow your operators to take measurements by voice, to ask for an explanation of an instruction, etc.
  • Voice Services : services dedicated to controlling the vital functions of your Voice Assistant. Your operators can control the volume, rate, …
  • Utility Services : voice services designed to simplify the life of your operators. Utility SKILLS offer simple calculator functions, such as unit conversion.
  • Information Retrieval : Voice Assistance services dedicated to information retrieval and manipulation of reference media.
  • Communication : internal communication functions in the company’s workshops. Voice services to help your operators communicate with each other, contact an expert if they need help.

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A voice assistant for the safety of nuclear operators

Applications of intelligent voice assistance for the energy and nuclear professions:

  • Voice assistance for the preventive maintenance of nuclear installations
  • Taking voice notes in Field Service Management software
  • Management of equipment inventory by voice
  • Voice assistance for filling in digital DRT
  • Voice assistance for documentary research at the workstation

Robust voice solutions for defense

Efficient and robust voice applications, resistant to the demanding environments of military and defense operators:

  • Multimodal assistance for the infantryman
  • Driving assistance for the tank and armored commander
  • Man-machine vocal cooperation (drone, plane, …)
  • Voice interface to information and document systems
  • Voice assistance for equipment and machinery maintenance
  • Generation of field RETEX by voice

Intelligent voice assistance for aeronautics and space operators

Examples of speech recognition and intelligent assistance applications for aeronautics and space:

  • Voice interface to MES production software
  • Voice interface to MRO software
  • Voice assistance for Service Bulletin tracking
  • Automatic filling by voice of quality control form
  • Voice assistance integrated into AR/VR solutions
  • Statement of production or support activities by voice

Speech recognition and voice assistance for construction operations

Voice interfaces for software used on the move by building and construction operators:

  • Voice interface to site monitoring software
  • Voice interface to mobile CMMS software
  • Voice assistance at the reception of the works
  • Voice assistance for machine lockout/tagout
  • Voice recording of safety issues on site
  • Assistance in the technical control of works

Voice solutions for automotive quality

An intelligent voice assistant to help automotive operators in quality improvement:

  • Automatic filling by voice of quality control form

A conversational agent for the field of industrial logistics

An intelligent voice assistance solution to go beyond pick-by-voice:

  • Intelligent voice picking for order pickers in industrial logistics

Voice interfaces for the pharmaceutical industry

Voice interfaces for software used by operators in the field of pharmacy:

  • Voice interface to electronic lab notebooks
  • Voice interface to LIMS software

Voice assistance for the service area

Application of voice usage for service domain operators:

  • Voice input of inspection report
  • Filing by voice of inspection report of waste reprocessing facilities