Speech recognition solutions, intelligent assistance, integration, and free dictation

Using voice in industry:

What solution to implement?

The industrial needs for voice solutions are multiple, and depend on the uses, constraints and expectations of users.

The possible voice solutions deployed by SPIX industry are:

  • Voice control of existing software: simple, fast and efficient!

  • An intelligent voice assistant to guide operators remotely, leaving their hands free and their eyes busy with their task

  • Co-development with our customers of business software natively integrating our conversational agent

  • 100% on-premise voice transcription servers to translate all your free audio notes into text

The mastery of all these technologies allows us to find the best solution to meet your needs!

The voice to improve industrial performance

Depending on the needs of the industry and the expectations of the operators, the expected gains on the improvement of industrial performance are classified.

Sources of industrial performance improvement are:

  • Reduction of non-quality ,
  • Saving time on an operation,
  • Reduced time with low added value,
  • Improved traceability of operations,
  • Increased safety of people and property,
  • Improved working comfort for field operators.

Depending on the industrial field of application of voice and intelligent assistance, the gains are weighted in different ways.

Call us, we are interested in YOUR goal!

Voice commands: control your software by voice

Use simple but reliable voice command functions to drive and control existing software.

Your operators have their hands busy, but they are close to visual support: a screen, a PC, a tablet. They want to manipulate their industrial software while keeping their hands free.

The voice control and command solutions offered by SPIX industry make it possible to control simple interfaces by voice. Voice control includes:

  • button activation
  • navigation between pages
  • viewing drop-down menus
  • entering numeric values
  • choosing an item from a list
  • validation / acknowledgment
  • opening and navigating in a document
  • opening and viewing a video

The user experience can be enriched by introducing natural language, ie the ability to name one or more pieces of information in different ways.

The use of simple and robust voice commands in an industrial environment is a good way to familiarize your operators with the use of voice in their work context.

An intelligent voice assistant interfacing with your software

Intelligent voice assistance services ( Spix.SKILLS ) provide a unique voice experience by augmenting the capabilities of your already deployed production & support software.

Imagine your operators with their hands and eyes busy with their tasks and not with their noses glued to their screen!

Imagine a mobility of your operators 100% respecting your traceability requirements!

Our Spix.SKILLS , voice assistance unit services, integrate speech recognition and synthesis functions (ASR, TTS), natural language processing (NLU) and a conversational agent ( Spix ).

Integrated into your industrial software, our Spix.SKILLS allow you to perform actions by voice and with the support of an intelligent assistant:

  • follow the work instructions step by step
  • fill out forms by voice
  • roll out decision trees (diagnosis, troubleshooting, etc.)
  • to be informed at all times of safety elements (PPE, tools, alert, point of vigilance, etc.).

These voice functions are designed to interface with industry-specific software.

A conversational agent integrated into your software

Some manufacturers have already taken the plunge and consider that voice can be the main modality of their business applications.

Spix can be natively integrated during the design and development of new generations of software to offer a unique conversational interface to your users.

In this case, we bring not only our Spix technology but all our experience in voice recognition , creation of knowledge bases, management of multimodality, choice of headsets and microphones , integration and performance benchmarks on target hardware.

We make every effort to ensure that your business application is useful, usable and accepted.

Private voice transcription services

Voice transcription software is installed and configured on the company’s servers in order to convert voice into text in real time or in deferred time.

Your operators need to generate textual reports whose content cannot be structured upstream. These reports are used in a REX process, or BigData type analysis for the detection of weak signals.

SPIX industry works with technological partners for the integration of voice transcription servers, in real time or in deferred time, dedicated to industrial use.