SPIX industry at the Confiance.AI days 2022

SPIX industry participates to the Confiance.ai Days in Paris from October 4 to 5, 2022. The company presents its achievements in the development of trustable voice AI solutions for the shop-floor of the industry.

Confiance.ai at a glance

The Confiance.ai program is made of major French academic, industrial and startup players in the fields of defense, transport, manufacturing industry and energy sector. They all share the same concerns about the deployment of operational and acceptable AI based systems in the industry.

The biggest challenge addressed by the partners of the project is to demonstrate and spread trustable tools and methods for AI solutions, based on sovereign solutions. The challenge is significant, both on the technical and societal points of view.

This ambition is materialized and structured around 5 domains: characterization of AI, trustworthy AI by design, data and knowledge engineering, mastering AI-based system engineering, and trustworthy AI for embedded systems.

SPIX industry and Confiance.ai

In this community, SPIX industry mainly tackles the challenge related to the generation of trust in the interactions between a user on the shopfloor and a voice AI based system. For this purpose, the first step consists in the validation of the utility and usability of an AI system for the blue-collars on the field.

The utility of voice AI systems like voice commands or voice assistance in the consumer market is frequently questioned. The added value of the services provided by such application is not obvious. A simple analysis of the use of voice assistance for the consumer market reveals its major issue to deliver added-value services: the lack of context. In opposition on the shop-floor, when the context of use is defined, the service provided by voice AI systems at work can be proved, measured, and be significant for the user.

When the voice AI service provides a real added value to its user, it can be accepted and adopted as a tool to work.

SPIX industry makes use of its voice assistant Spix and its associated voice services named Spix.SKILLS to generate a voice interface for shopfloor software applications. Ergonomic studies and societal analyzes conducted by the AI department of ICAM in Toulouse drive the future methodology to increase the adoption level of conversational AI solutions at work.

The Confiance.ai Days 2022

On October 4 and 5, SPIX industry presents its conversational AI solutions for the industry, at the occasion of the Confiance.ai Days 2022 at Paris-Saclay. Preliminary results of the ongoing work of Confiance.ai is also shared between the partners.

Let’s play a game… for those who know him, find Philippe CRESPIN, CEO of SPIX industry on the picture!