SPIX industry is committed to the performance of the nuclear sector

Winner of the Recovery Plan, SPIX industry is developing a Voice Assistant dedicated to the nuclear sector and its technicians

A project that meets the challenges of the nuclear sector

The development of an Industrial Voice Assistance solution dedicated to the nuclear industry meets the demands of the nuclear industry to increase the productivity and competitiveness of players in the nuclear sector , thanks to the introduction of “factory of the future” or “industry 4.0”.

A major effort has already been made by manufacturers in the nuclear sector in France to digitize, digitize, even robotize, certain tasks. This effort makes it possible to gain in the standardization and reliability of industrial processes. For example, the introduction of “IoT” type technologies makes it possible to generate more structured data in order to ensure installation monitoring, and to better plan predictive maintenance interventions.

Nevertheless, the competence of the French nuclear industry still relies mainly on the skills and professionalism of its operators and technicians in the field . In the French nuclear sector, 2/3 of jobs (i.e. 133,000 jobs) are held by employees, technicians and supervisors who combine strong skills and unique industrial know-how.

In order to increase the sector’s competitiveness, one lever therefore consists in improving the capacities of these players in the field by successfully transitioning them into the employees, technicians and supervisors of the future. As for other industrial sectors, the introduction of innovative Smart Voice Assistance solutions will help meet this challenge.

Co-construction with industry players

As part of the recovery plan for the nuclear sector, SPIX industry is in charge of developing and deploying Intelligent Voice Assistance solutions for the benefit of technicians, operators and field agents in the field.

The referencing of the different use cases envisaged by the players in the sector for the use of Intelligent Voice Assistance solutions for operators is important for the orientation of developments.

The needs of the nuclear professions relating to the different phases of the industrial cycle of an electricity production plant (design studies, manufacture of equipment, construction of facilities, operation, inspection and maintenance of facilities, dismantling of facilities, clean-up, treatment and storage of waste ) may actually be different from those relating to the fuel cycle (extraction, conversion, enrichment, manufacture, processing and recycling, manufacture of electrical or mechanical equipment, manufacture of fuel assemblies, assembly of electrical or mechanical equipment, engineering, maintenance, nuclear transport, manufacturing and construction inspection ).

Study results available* for all partners

SPIX industry wishes to share as much as possible the state of progress of the project with the actors of the nuclear sector, while guaranteeing the confidentiality related to the field treated.

Preliminary information will be made available to key players as it progresses. This information will be available on simple identification, in order to limit its distribution.

(*) SPIX industry wishes to communicate on the state of progress of the project with all the actors of the nuclear sector, in compliance with the confidentiality agreements signed with the various partners.

The project AVI-TechNuc, which serves as a support for this referencing of Voice Assistance use cases for technicians and operators in the nuclear sector, has received the support of the French Recovery Plan , from the BPI and sector support structures: pole Nuclear Valley , cluster e-Clide and GIFEN .