Turn on the voice in your industry

The summer is over…

Turn on the voice in your industry!

SPIX industry comes back from the summer season with an improved proposal to help you introduce the use of voice and voice assistance in your industry. At the time where we are asked to turn off the lights, we suggest you turn on the voice!

Few months ago, we reviewed the technical constraints and social factors which limit the development of the digital transition of your shop floors. Blue-Collars have specific needs, fears and constraints which need to the considered to succeed with the introduction of new digital technologies. We concluded that the use of voice, as a complement to the business software (MES, CMMS, EAM, …) already deployed, can help you to grow the acceptability of your digital strategy.

Considering the use of voice and smart voice assistance, you frequently return that free on the market solutions already exist. Most of you tested the solutions from Siri, Google, Cortana or Alexa solutions. Those fantastic software work very well… in your office! But what happens when you move on the field, on the shop floor, where the network is uncertain, the noise is a nightmare? Besides, we also investigates the hidden price in using such free technologies… Currently, very few solutions are efficient and operational for the industry: SPIX industry is one of them, and proves it with its industrial customers.

Your final argument deals with the Return On Investment… the famous ROI. Apparently, nothing can be done in the industry if one cannot compute a precise ROI associated to any action. Is that really true? In such case, you should have turned the light off already long time ago. This is certainly the simplest action with the biggest ROI. As far as innovation is concerned, it does not really work like this. The ROI of exogenous innovations for the industry can only be estimated in the context of a Lean process, or an incremental improvement approach for your performance. All the initiatives you take for your digital transformation participate to such ROI. The introduction of voice services like the SKILLS of the Spix voice assistant is one of them.

At the end of the summer, now comes the time to ask you the right questions. “How long has it been since I used a radically different point of view, a truly disruptive technology to really change things for my blue-collars?” I’m pretty sure it’s been a while.  So now is the good time to take the right action and turn on the voice in your shop floor.

SPIX industry is on this market segment for 8 years and propose operational solutions of voice assistance for blue collars. We have improved the voice interfaces of our smart assistant Spix, to propose a better voice experience to your workers. We better master the interfaces with your existing business software, to make sure the introduction of voice does not change your actual processes nor data management strategy.

We are ready to help you turn on the voice in your industry!