Voice recognition as interface for MES, CMMS, and ERP software

Use cases by business software

Your voice-driven ERP/MES, EAM/CMMS, FSM, WMS, MRO or LIMS

Software already deployed in industry can benefit from a voice interface with Spix.SKILLS from SPIX industry .

Discover examples of the use of voice and a conversational agent in software interface like IBM-Maximo , Delmia-APRISO , and many others.

Why a voice interface for industrial software?

Integrating voice commands or Intelligent Voice Assistance services into your business software allows you to extend their field of use. Your technicians and operators are no longer constrained by a screen, a mouse, or a keyboard to use their software.

  • They can be in front of the screen and control the complex interface by voice with simple voice commands,
  • at 2 or 3 meters, without access to the keyboard/mouse, but still visual of the screen and handling the interface with advanced voice services,
  • or away from computer support and yet interact with their work instruction, their work order, without visual support

Free the hands of your operators, and optimize the profitability of your digital investments!

Use cases by type of business software

Access the use cases and the description of the uses of voice as an interface for industrial software.

Use case: Spix.SKILLS and IBM-Maximo

In a demonstration context, an operator performs an inspection task described in IBM-Maximo. He turns his back to the screen to simulate performing the task away from the screen. The first part is done in order as it deals with operator safety. The second is done freely.

The IBM-Maximo interface is updated as the operator progresses. The IBM-Maximo interface manages the Maximo backend update.

Use case: Spix.SKILLS and Delmia-APRISO

A demonstration in English!

The operator performs a quality control task to complete a work instruction in Delmia-APRISO. She can access more information on the tasks to be performed to help her understand her work. Particular emphasis is placed on measurement readings and observations.

The Delmia-APRISO interface is connected with the Spix.SKILLS voice assistance services from SPIX industry. The Delmia-APRISO application manages data archiving and validation.

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