SPIX industry en 2022

SPIX industry in a voice

SPIX industry focuses on a single mission: unleash voice interactions for the deskless workers.

We have developed a unique expertise in the introduction of voice-first interactions with business application in the industry.

Through continuous cooperation with our customers we now manage successfully all the constraints of the industrial setting – heavy noise, absence of network, multiple languages, various business applications.

10 years



A unique voice-first software product offer

The use of embedded, private by design and multi-language voice AI services allow your field workers to complete forms and capture field data in real-time using their voice

We propose our Spix.SKILLS voice services ready to be connected to your business application. Our Spix.SKILLS use highly adaptable and embedded natural language processing (NLP) and dialog management systems (DMS) engines.


Private by design

Approved by operators

Embedded & Frugal

100% for industry

A generic introduction on the benefits of using the Spix voice assistant for the shop floor workers. Get information, report observations, … access to numerical content keeping the hands free.