How to create voice control for my software

Empower your field workers with voice-first interfaces. Free their hands and eyes to help them focus on their duty.

Our voice AI solution (named Spix.SKILLS) increase the return on investment of your digital transformation using the power of voice technologies. We can help your work forces to adopt voice-first interfaces and improve their performance, efficiency, and safety at work. The adoption of Spix helps the skilled workers stay motivated, and makes the job more attractive to the new talents.

… and much more !

A demonstration of the Spix.SKILLS interfaced with Delmia Apriso from Dassault Systemes. The use of voice assistance enables the field worker to keep her hands free at work.

What is the promise of voice-first interfaces?

Transform your boring business applications into attractive operational tools.

The benefits of the introduction of voice AI technology as a new control for your business applications can be expressed with numbers… It is mainly shown through the users satisfaction. Thanks to our voice-first interface, you can propose “something new” to your workers, for a mastered budget.


Get more real-time data from the field in your business software


Reduce the non-added value time of your workers due to digital interactions


Remove the risks related to the use of digital tools: keep your gloves, look around, …


Make sure your workers access to the right information at the right time

Live demonstration of the use of Spix voice assistant to control and manipulate a PDF document. Reach a given page, zoom on a drawing, keep your hands free at work and access the company documents.