Spix at EDF

The Spix.SKILLs of type Choice in a list, and Open Comment are used to help inspectors to generate hazardous situation reports.

The Spix.SKILL interfaced with the Cameleon Mobile software from EDF eanbles the generation of Hazardous Situation report by voice on the flight.

SPIX helps the work inspectors to navigate in the area, keeping his hands free, his gloves on, and the smartphone in the pocket.

The return from the work inspectors are:
– I can easily report hazardous situation,
– I do not need to walk back to complete details,
– I can keep my gloves on and work safely, focused on my job.

The return from the managers are:
– The hazardous situations are better described, no data is missing,
–  The report is generated in real time, much more accurate,
–  The safety at work is increased.

The working environment at EDF is noisy. The user has no visual feedback as the smartphone is kept in the pocket.

Spix for decision tree

The voice assistant SPIX is used to help a field worker to follow a decision tree and analyse the root causes of a railroad crossing failure.


The advantage for the worker to navigate in a decision tree by voice are the following:

  – access to decision tree without having to know it
  – identify the failure and close the gap with the root cause
  – keep the hands free at work, focused on the identification of the failure

The worker may leave the hardware support (PC or tablet) away from his eyes to perform some actions. While coming back close to the screen he can control the results of his voice actions.