2024 the year of the SPIX parrot !

🤝 The year 2023, was the year of Voice Experience. The Voice Assistant SPIX is already used and validated by frontline workers in the industry. The release of Voice Experience brings the necessary tools and methods to smooth the integration of smart voice interfaces with industrial business software (MES, CMMS, FSM) and existing industrial processes. Voice Experience considers at the same level the expectations and constraints of the field workers, and the requirements of performance of the industrial. This constitutes a unique proposal to the market to spread the use of voice interfaces at any level in the industry.

💡 The year 2024 will be the year of the SPIX parrot! The Voice Experience tools and methods will be used to constitute an operational platform ready to be adopted by the industrials to assemble their own voice assistant and unleash the use of voice for their field workers. In the first months of the year, you will see the colors of SPIX shining on the industry: release of the advanced version of the API of the SPIX.skills, operational deployments in critical and souverain industries, partnerships with key industrial and research players to strengthen the Voice Experience platform, takeoff of the parrot to new European horizons, … and more.

👀 Finally, after few months of work away from the tumult of trend, SPIX industry will reveal hybrid modes of the SPIX.skills coupled with LLMs and generative AI solutions, kipping the compatibility with the constraints of the industry. These fantastic developments from the AI community provide opportunities for the industry, which need to be investigated seriously. This is the role of SPIX industry to provide the best of the technology to smooth the user’s voice experience, keeping in mind the constraints of the industrial domain regarding the need for confidentiality and reliability of the solutions.