SPIX Industry’s Voice Experience VS voice APIs

SPIX Industry explains how voice assistance will enable companies to grow considerably in the future, with advanced and carefully thought-out technology.

Voice APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or SDKs (Software Development Kits) have been around for several years (Microsoft Speech, Reco Google, CSDK/VDK, SENSORY, KALDI, ESPNET, and more recently WHISPER from Open AI). These software development tools enable a computer scientist to integrate voice interaction more or less simply into an application or software system and increase the ROI of innovation in the industry.

Not that easy…

Nevertheless, any developer can see the distance that exists between a voice command and a genuine Intelligent Voice Assistance service enabling an operator to run a range/operating procedure, fill in a form, write a report, and run a decision tree, carry out a document search or consult machine data.

More than just an IT tool

For SPIX industry, the development of voice interfaces requires more than just IT: it also requires a close relationship with the business sectors concerned by the voice modality. The greatest successes in deploying voice solutions have been achieved in clearly defined business verticals.

Any UX designer has been able to measure the distance that exists between a simple voice interaction and a Voice Assistant that is acceptable. But also, usable and useful to an operator with his eyes and/or hands focused on his task, in front of a screen or without a screen, whether he is a novice or an expert, a technophile or a technophobe, all immersed in his working environment.

Can be used in all sectors

For SPIX industry, “operator-centric” design is not an empty word. The voice assistance services offered to technical operators must be centred on their business. But also on their needs in terms of digital interaction and of ROI of innovation in the industry

The commercial vagueness currently being skilfully maintained by certain players in the field (everything has become the chatGPT of everything…). The profusion of technical terms being used, shameless and assumed lies (your voice assistant in 30 minutes…). It does not help to see clearly in a field which is nevertheless promising and which should greatly facilitate the digitalisation of workstations in industry.


SPIX industry’s “Voice Experience” offering is the result of 10 years of research and field trials. It is based on 3 fundamental pillars of the human-system dialogue experience. It proposes a pragmatic and reasonable approach to the introduction of voice modalities in the enterprise:

  • A complete catalogue

A catalogue of business voice assistance services (SPIX.SKILLs) covering all the activities of an operator in the field. All with a documented API and automated interface capabilities to target applications. SPIX.SKILLs are the business layer that talks to an operator.
For example, the ‘measurement’ SKILL contains all the voice recognition, dialogue and language processing functions needed to help an operator to retrieve a numerical measurement value by voice.

  • A user’s lab

A User’s Lab based on tools and methodologies to guarantee the adoption of the SPIX Voice Assistant by operators in the field. SPIX.SKILLS speak the language of operators in the field, and the User’s Lab ensures that their expectations and constraints are taken into account.

  • A performance lab

A Performance Lab based on tools and methodologies to evaluate and optimise the performance of SPIX Voice Support in your operational environment with the appropriate audio equipment. This is the key: a tool is operational if its conditions of use are clearly defined.


Today, the Voice Experience offer aims to bring about in-depth changes in the use of all your company’s business software (ERP/MES, EAM/GMAO, QMS, FSM, WMS, LIMS, etc.).

In the future, the use of voice and voice assistance at all levels of industry will contribute to a complete redefinition of business processes and operations in your company and of the ROI of innovation in the industry

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