About Voice Experience Performance Lab

Performance Lab: qualify the performance as function of your environment

Based on its own software tools, SPIX industry can analyze your soundtrack (voice + environment noise) to assess the performance of voice recognition algorithms, and the one of voice assistance solutions.

Voice Experience enables to take the expected performance of the voice assistant solution as input data for its end-to-end specification and parametrization. This feature ensures a coherent setup from the voice assistance functions, from the beginning of the project to the end of the deployment on the shop floor.

Voice Experience performance lab

Analyse the noise environment
Qualify voice recognitions solutions. Among tools and methods, an anechoic chamber enables to test voice assistance functions in representative environment.
SPIX industry is partner with many audio hardware devices providers. The performance of the audio hardware is qualified as function of the noise environment and the user’s expectations.

In the Performance Lab, SPIX industry places a paramount focus on both the efficiency and quality of the products. Throughout the process, we usually test your voice assistant using professional-grade materials. With our expertise, we are able to provide recommendations for the optimal materials suitable for your voice assistant, taking into consideration factors such as your working environment and the users’ expectations.

The tools to support the Performance Lab

SPIX industry invests resources and money to grow the Performance Lab. It is made of methods, software and tools to be able to assess and guaranty the performance of a voce assistance solution for a defined operational environment.

Among other tools, the following are self undertandable.

audio hardware selection

SPIX industry is in partnership with many audio hardware providers. This enables the company to test materials even before they are out on the market.

The anechoic chamber is a heavy equipment used to reproduce representative noise environment from the industry. With this equipment, the performance of the audi hardware and voice assistant functions can be assessed before testing on the field.

anechoic chamber
sound track analysis

A dedicated RecogTool software is able to register sound tracks, correlate them with background noise and compare the performance of different setting of voice recognition and voice assistance functions.

The output of the Performance Lab

SPIX industry provides 2 outputs from the Performance Lab in the context of Voice Experience. On the one side, customers get a validated and qualified SPIX Voice Assistant, fitted to the need from the workers and adapted to their working environment. On the other side, a performance report helps the customer to understand the power of its voice assistant and its limitations regarding the performance.