Decision tree inspection by voice

The voice assistant SPIX is used to help a field worker to follow a decision tree and analyse the root causes of a railroad crossing failure.


The advantage for the worker to navigate in a decision tree by voice are the following:

  – access to decision tree without having to know it
  – identify the failure and close the gap with the root cause
  – keep the hands free at work, focused on the identification of the failure

The worker may leave the hardware support (PC or tablet) away from his eyes to perform some actions. While coming back close to the screen he can control the results of his voice actions.

Access to technical documentation by voice

The Spix.PDF app provides a vocal interface to manipulate PDF documents, and access to drawing and instructions. This vocal interface gives the possibility for the workers in the shop floor to go to navigate in the document, reach a given page, zoom on a page section, and eventually limited search functions for specific terms inside the document.

The voice assistance functions for document manipulation are available on the shopfloor, in noisy conditions.

The Spix.PDF app is provided with specific interfaces to the targeted PDF viewers. The default interfaces are provided to:

– GoogleChrome PDF viewer
– Windows Edge PDF viewer
– Other PDF viewers on demand

Regarding the branding, Spix.PDF app refers to the univers of SPIX industry:

Spix refers to the voice assistance functions developed by SPIX industry and used for the purpose of the manipulation of a PDF file.
PDF refers to the generic name of documents stored in the PDF format. Even though PDF can be considered as a trademark, SPIX industry takes the risk of using it in the name of the application.
app refers to an application: a ready to go software, that can be installed on a computer device, without any major IT work.


The Spix.PDF app intends to increase the use of technical documentation on the shopfloor by the technicians and field operators. The goal is to help the blue-collars to get the relevant information, keeping their safety at work, and focus on their duty.

The motivation for this application results from the following difficulties of the shop-floor workers:

– Be focused on their tasks (hands and eyes free)
– Access to documents, procedures, drawings
– Get quickly to the relevant information
– Keep their gloves, helmet, and hear protections

To answer such need, the following functions are implemented (or will be) in the Spix.PDF app:

– Voice recognition capacity, in several languages,
– Browse in pages: number, sequence, previous, next,
– Inspect pages: up, down, left, right, again, …
– Manipulate the page: rotate, mode 2 pages, …
– Zoom in page: top, bottom, middle, zoom factor, …
– Recursive zoom: based on a virtual grid
– Quick search in a defined list : names, references, …


The functions and the area of application of the Spix.PDF app may change and evolve in the future, according to the customers’ needs and expectations. The first feedback and return from the industrial are of primary importance to drive the future development of the software.