Simsoft Industry becomes SPIX industry

Simsoft Industry becomes SPIX industry

Simsoft Industry, a French start-up pioneer in Europe in voice assistance solutions for industry, becomes “SPIX industry” to establish itself in the European voice market

The use of voice assistants and intelligent conversational agents is intensifying in industry in France and Europe under the effect of progress made in artificial intelligence. To better reflect this new phase of its development, the French startup created in 2013 is changing its name and identity to become SPIX industry: spix = to speak, industry speaks!

SPIX industry strengthen its position

The company’s objective is to better reflect its mission for industry in France and Europe, in line with its innovation and development strategy. Following the momentum of the adoption of the voice in our daily lives, SPIX industry wishes to support the operational use of voice interfaces in industry, and thus confirm its position as leader in the digital transformation of the professions of the industry. These new voice interfaces allow manufacturers to generate gains in production, quality, safety and comfort for their operators, and thus promote the relocation of industrial sectors to France and Europe.

“ Spix is the name of our intelligent conversational agent, combining it with the industry to form “SPIX industry” reflects the reality of the company’s activity. Affirming this anchoring in voice assistance at the service of French and European industry allows our customers and partners to better understand our strategy, and the company to strengthen its international visibility”, explains Philippe CRESPIN , president of the company.

SPIX industry will pass an important strategic development milestone in 2022. Indeed, the software developed by the company around voice, intelligent voice commands, industrial conversational agents and voice assistance at the workstation are reaching technical maturity. The first operational deployments are planned on industrial sites in France and Europe. Commercial development will also intensify in Europe, particularly in Germany and Italy.

“ The current dynamics of the use of voice and artificial intelligence in the industry require the company to conduct an intensive communication and recruitment policy. The image conveyed by the SPIX industry brand allows us to be more attractive in a tight job market. “, specifies André JOLY , managing director.

Development and commercial prospects thus lead SPIX industry to massively recruit a wide variety of profiles: language processing specialists, IT developers, frugal artificial intelligence experts, seniors in embedded software integration, and commercial profiles. The company has 20 employees and wants to recruit 10 by the end of 2022. SPIX industry is based in Labège (Toulouse), the creation of entities in Paris and Lyon is planned for early 2023. In this perspective, SPIX industry benefits from the support of its industrial customers, the Occitanie region, the “ France Relance ” plan of BPI-France for the nuclear sector, and its minority shareholders IRDI-Soridec and Bouygues Construction Venture.

About SPIX industry

The company was created to develop the use of voice in industry in all its forms: voice control of existing software, advanced conversational assistance to guide operators on their procedures, “eyes and hands-free” form filling by voice, real-time or delayed transcription of audio notes, co- development of a business application integrating an Intelligent Voice Assistant.

A resolutely innovative company, totally committed to the operational implementation of technologies derived from Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of the development of industry 4.0 and the augmented operator, SPIX industry is the leader in its market in Europe.

Since 2013, SPIX industry has been leading a major R&D effort to develop a 100% French Smart Voice Assistance technology “Spix” and build operational solutions in a demanding industrial environment.

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