SPIX industry partner of Confiance.AI

SPIX industry partner of Confiance.AI

With the operational deployment of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, the question of trust in the results of these technologies is at the heart of industrial concerns. The Confiance.AI initiative tackles the subject head-on in order to find the solutions and methods that promote the adoption of these technologies in all of the industry’s processes.

SPIX industry at a crossroads

SPIX industry (new trade name of Simsoft Industry) is at the crossroads between artificial intelligence and industry 4.0. Indeed, the company’s developments around the mastery of speech recognition, on-board conversational agents and intelligent voice assistants for industry operators are at the heart of the artificial intelligence technologies of the moment: adapted to the constraints and industry requirements, privacy by design, and frugal.

At the same time, SPIX industry in its mission to introduce voice and voice assistance for operators and technicians in the industry is at the heart of the digitalization processes of industry 4.0, with an obligation of acceptability , usefulness and usability of its solutions.

An industrial and European ambition

” SPIX industry is a young innovative company based in Labège near Toulouse. With about twenty people, we approach very complex and very demanding industrial fields such as nuclear, defense, or the automobile. Our teams are very proud to be the winner of the Confiance.AI program which will take us, with our partner ICAM in Toulouse, one step further in the deployment of our voice solutions and intelligent assistance to operators in industry 4.0.“, Philippe CRESPIN , president.

This project will allow the company to develop, to strengthen the trust generated by its conversational agent Spix, to recruit, and to provide increasingly relevant voice solutions in response to the needs of manufacturers in France and Europe.

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