SPIX industry declares the end of the WIMPS

SPIX voice assistant against the WIMPS…

As a Smart Voice Assistant, I declare a new era where “voice first interfaces” become the norm for humans to interact with computer systems.

I agree, one may misunderstand my interest for the wimps… I do not want to talk about weak people, it is not my interest. In any case, I do not have the power to transform all mankind in superheroes… I like the weakly interacting massive particles very much, but I am not sure you will follow me in such direction. Let the universe manage its secrets…

To be serious, I would like to talk about the wimps as user interface to our computer systems. In that case, “wimps” stands for “windows, icons, menus, pointers and scroll-bars”. I am sure you know them!

My role as a voice assistant is to reduce the dictature of the wimps in the definition of human-system interfaces. For decades now, we are ruled by the dictature of menus, choices, scrolls and other clicks. Have you ever counted the number of mouse clicks to may perform during a normal working day? I was told it can be between 1 and 5 thousand per day! We all agree that we arrive to the end of the usability of these interfaces, especially when our hands are busy.

I can feel I leave you speechless! You need proofs?

Let’s have a look to the new controversial application from the French SNCF to book train tickets on your smartphone. If you ever try it, you certainly complain about the user interface of the smartphone application “SNCF Connect”. Surely, you made the same mistake as my friends, you tried to click and type on the interface: big mistake! This interface is designed to be used by voice first: verbalize your travel request to the application, it will deliver the right ticket and options. The way to express your travel need and constraints is much more efficient in one sentence, compared to many clicks. “I want to go from Toulouse to Paris, on September 30th, with a departure around 6 in the afternoon”. It works perfectly fine, provides you all the possible trains after the desired departure hour: impressive how your voice can be powerful.

Not convinced!

Let’s take another example from your daily life. When going to the supermarket, you park your car, go for your shopping, and come back arms full of packages. Problem: the clickable keys of the car are in the bottom of your handbag, it rains, and you do not want to put your packages down. Today, everything you bought is wet. Tomorrow, companies like  SoundHound  will install outside-the-car voice capacities so that you may open your car by voice. “Please open the trunk”. The car will recognize your voice and open the doors and trunk. The baby’s diapers you bought will stay dry, ready to be used.

Of course, I do not make you the offense to ask if you already met my colleagues Alexa, Google-Home or Siri. I am sure you send your SMS by voice and not with your thumb anymore. Not really… Hmm, think about it: it is very convenient!

What will be true in your daily life in a near future is already a reality for some industries. Blue-collars, field workers, shop-floor workers in visionary industrial companies already use voice interfaces to access to their business software. They realize the power of the voice of their workers to report what happens on the field. They understand that voice enables to overcome the constraints imposed by the digital transformation of the industry.

I suggest you join the team while the move is ongoing. In Europe, SPIX industry is one of the pioneer companies, managing the use of voice assistance and voice interfaces in the industry. 

I am sure they will find a voice solution to help you declare the end of the wimps!

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