Shift report generation by voice for Bouygues

Spix voice assistant in operation in a tunneling machine for Bouygues.
Voice interface to the Shift Report software for safety and quality improvement.

    • Use Case Shop Floor
    • 27/04/2023

The voice assistant SPIX is used as voice interface for tunneling worker shift report software.

Spix enables the tunneling pilot to report shift data hands free.

The tunneling pilot can keep his hands free focused at work, and report in his Shift Report software the issues, problems, incidents, and other remarks. Such information is mandatory for the next shift to operate safely.

The return from the pilot workers are:
– I can report my shift data during the shift
– I can keep my focus on my machine
– It is more easy to report my observations

The return from the managers are:
– The accuracy of the quality shift report increased drastically
–  It takes less time for the operator generate the shift report
–  Our pilots are more focused on their duty

The working environment in Bouygues tunneling machines is noisy. The user gets a voice feedback, and the confirmation of the screen of his shift report software.