Product quality setting by voice at Michelin

Spix voice assistant in operation on the production site of Michelin, at the tire shop floor.
Voice interface to the production MES for auto-control and quality assessment in real-time.

    • Use Case Shop Floor
    • 07/02/2020

The Spix.SKILLS from the list validation, and measurement are interfaces with the production process MES from Michelin tire.

Spix enables the shop floor worker to be more accurate in the report of the critical parameters of he assembled tires.

The shop floor worker keeps his hands busy at work, and reports his observations and measurement by voice to the MES.

The return from the field workers are:
– I am assisted while reporting my measurements
– I can keep my gloves while working on the tire
– It is more easy to report my observations

The return from the managers are:
– The shop floor worker performs auto-control on his work
–  It takes less time for the operator process a tire
–  We get more data in real time from the field

The working environment in Michelin is very noisy. The worker has no screen feedback and manages all the interactions by voice, with audio return.