Gloves box workers in operation at Orano

Spix voice assistant in operation on the production site of Orano.
The gloves box workers control their usual PAP software by voice, keeping their hands in the box.

    • Use Case Shop Floor
    • 07/01/2023

The Spix.SKILLS from the list measurement, validation, navigation, and evaluation are used to interact with the production surveillance software PAP from Orano.

Spix enables the gloves box worker to keep his hands busy, avoid to remove the gloves and reduces the level of risks.

The gloves box worker controls the PAP software interface by voice, navigate in the application and reports the necessary data, keeping his hands in the box.

The return from the gloves box workers are:

– removing the gloves is a huge effort, I have less pain with Spix
– the way to activate Spix is convenient in the noisy environment
– I know at every time the status of the assistant and of the PAP interface

The return from the managers are:
– the level of risk while removing the gloves is very high: it is drastically reduced with Spix
–  the data generated at the gloves box are collected in real time, not after the operations
–  Our gloves box operators are more focused on their duty, and less tired

The working environment in Orano is noisy. The user does not get any voice feedback, but gets the confirmation of his actions on the PAP screen.