Defect classification by voice at Renault

The SPIX.SKILLS are used as voice interface to a quality control software. The goald is to increase the safety at work, the quality of the collected data and the time needed for the controls.

    • Use Case Shop Floor
    • 07/04/2023

The Spix.SKILLs of type Measurement, Choice in a list, Part number and Alphanumeric are used to help quality controllers in their jobs.

The Spix.SKILL interfaced with the quality control software on the shop floor help the worker to report his observations.

SPIX helps the worker to report measured values, to follow the steps of work and to generate the quality control reports.

The return from the quality controller are:
– I can easily control my software by voice, selecting the appropriate action
– I do not need to walk back to the keyboard to report values
– I can keep my gloves on and work safely, focused on my job

The return from the managers are:
– The quality controller gains time, focusing on added value tasks
–  The quality control data are collected in real time
–  The safety at work is increased

The working environment at Renault is very noisy. The user get visual feedbacks from his quality control software.