Railways inspection by voice for Sncf

Spix voice assistant used for the identification and report of potential railroad crossing installation failures.

    • Use Case Inspection
    • 07/04/2023

The voice assistant SPIX is used to help a field worker at SNCF to report a potential failure in a railroad crossing installation.

Spix the field worker close to the railroad crossing to report a potential failure and access to the previous one already reported.

The use of the SPIX voice assistant to report and access to railroad failure by voice enables the field worker to keep his PPE, gloves and helmet, while searching for information and reporting defaults.

The return from the railroad crossing workers are:

– I can access to relevant information for my work at any place
– The way to activate Spix is convenient in the noisy environment
– I can keep my gloves on and work safely, focused on the environment

The return from the managers are:
– We collect more data and details about the railroad crossing
–  The data enable a better monitoring of our assets
–  The safety of the workers and of the railway users is increased

The working environment at SNCF close to the railroad crossing is “outside” with moderate noise. The user can get both visual and voice feedbacks.