Voice interface to Excel (xlsx)

Presentation of the Spix voice assistant as interface to an Excel form (XLSX format).
The Spix.SKILLS as interface to Excel enable the worker to manipulate the software, keeping the hands free at work.

    • Demo, Use Case Software
    • 01/02/2023

The Spix.SKILLS from SPIX industry are used to control and manipulate XLS files (Excel). The worker can access to the information, and report information in the XLSX form by voice.

The video is in English.

The advantage for the worker to control Excel by voice files are the following:

   – access to information included in a XLS table
  – complete requested information, measurement, validation by voice
  – keep the hands free at work

The worker may leave the hardware support (PC or tablet) away from his eyes to perform some actions. While coming back close to the screen he can control the results of his voice actions.