Voice interface to IBM Maximo

Presentation of the Spix voice assistant as interface to IBM Maximo.
The Spix.SKILLS as interface to IBM Maximo enable to manipulate the software, keeping the hands free at work.

    • Demo, Use Case Software
    • 01/02/2020

SPIX industry in partnership with IBM team managed to build a first integration of Smart Voice Assistant skills in the IBM-Maximo software. This integration enables a maintenance and inspection worker to manage its digital interactions with IBM-Maximo by voice.

The video is i French… Everyone can understand and follow the procedure, as screen from Maximo is updated frequently. 
The demonstration starts with a sequence related to the safety of the operations: the worker is guided by the assistant for this mandatory steps. After that, the worker access to information and performs the work in his preferred order.

Several typical actions required by field-workers in interaction with IBM-Maximo are eased by the use of the smart voice assistant services from SPIX industry:

  – access to the information of a step in the work order
  – navigate in the work order, and in the steps
  – complete the requested field by voice: measure, serial numbers,
  – validate steps by voice
  – keep the hands free at work
  – use the IBM Maximo software with or without a visual feedback