Voice interface to SolidWorks

Presentation of the Spix voice assistant as interface to Delmia Apriso.
The Spix.SKILLS as interface to Delmia Apriso enables to manipulate the software, keeping the hands free at work.

    • Demo, Use Case Software
    • 01/02/2023

SPIX industry in partnership with Dassault-Systèmes and the team from SolidWorks managed to build a first integration of Smart Voice Assistant skills in the SolidWorks software. This integration enables a field-worker to manage its digital interactions 3D content and 3D-based procedures by voice.

The video is in French, but the content is self explained…

The advantage for the worker to use voice interactions to control SolidWorks are the following:

   – access to a 3D content without the manipulation of the mouse
   – avoid the mistakes of the right-left translation with the mouse
  – access different actions, without parsing tedious menus
  – keep the hands free at work