Voice + Gloves = safety at work

Presentation of the issues of the use of digital tools on the shop floor: tablet, gloves, focus.
Through the animation, discover how Spix solves the problem !

    • Animation, Use Case Inspection, Use Case Shop Floor, Use Case Software
    • 14/02/2023

What’s the issue with the digital transformation of the shop floor ? Look at the animation…

The person in charge of the control carries a tablet: only one hand can be used for work. He has no gloves, that creates a safety breach as he works in an hazardous environment.

Thanks to Spix he may ware gloves, use two hands for work and continue to report his observations by voice to an offline phone placed in his pocket.

Safer working conditions, Smarter digital interactions, Efficient front line workers !

SPIX industry positions itself as a game changer for the success of the digitalisation of the shop floor of the industry. The introduction of numeric applications in the shop floor induces several difficulties for the workers:

    • carry a tablet : it is heavy, they need their hands, difficult to use with gloves.
    • carry a smartphone: it is too small, most of the time they remove their gloves.
    • they look at the screen: it creates risk of incidents, they loose the link with their environment.

The voice assistance from SPIX industry removes most of the issues from the use of digital tools on the shop floor.