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Spix at EDF

The SPIX.SKILLS are used to generate hazardous situation reports by voice. The work inspector can keep his gloves on and make sure to report every necessary details in real time.
  • 07/06/2023
  • Use Case

Spix for decision tree

The voice assistant SPIX is used to help a field worker to follow a decision tree and analyse the root causes of a railroad crossing failure.
  • 01/02/2023
  • Demo, Use Case

Spix at Renault

The SPIX.SKILLS are used as voice interface to a quality control software. The goald is to increase the safety at work, the quality of the collected data and the time needed for the controls.
  • 07/04/2023
  • Use Case

Spix at SNCF

Spix voice assistant used for the identification and report of potential railroad crossing installation failures.
  • 07/04/2023
  • Use Case

Spix at Bouygues

Spix voice assistant in operation in a tunneling machine for Bouygues. Voice interface to the Shift Report software for safety and quality improvement.
  • 27/04/2023
  • Use Case

Spix for PDF shopfloor

Presentation of the Spix.PDF app in an english version, used on the shopfloor. The Spix.PDF app enables to manipulate PDF documents, zoom on drawings, keeping the hands free at work.
  • 01/02/2023
  • Demo, Spix.PDF app (en)
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